Remembering 9/11 – Lost and Found

The fifteen year anniversary of 9/11 causes me to remember how I was a young pastor that struggled to find words to place this attack into any sort of narrative that made sense to me. I was in the third month of being the new pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Niagara Falls, New York.... Continue Reading →


Sermon from 1st Sunday after Christmas

A study in Joseph’s movement through Law and Gospel Love of God in free service to neighbor Obedience in suffering Intro the scene: Today we continue the celebrations of Christmas as we become witnesses to the reality that Joseph raised this holy child in a world which provides grave threats to the child born to... Continue Reading →

Suffering for Community

Mark 9:38-50 Proper 21 How much do we value community? I find in Mark 9 that Jesus struggles with his disciples understanding of community. He talks about the fracturing of community that is going on in the world when describes how the son of man will be handed over to men and killed. He then... Continue Reading →


I am…

Jesus makes bold statements that give to me promise that He is the one I can trust. Jesus declares, "I am..." In the presence of God, all my "I am" statements should be defined by my sin of thought, word and deed. In my relationship with God I always fall short. I have no reason... Continue Reading →


United with Christ

John 17:1-11 Jesus prays to His father and asks that we may be one just as He and the father are one. In this prayer for unity Christ longs for the glory of God to be known. Jesus talks about eternal life in terms of knowing the Father and Jesus the Christ. How do we... Continue Reading →


In the public square

Life together with the Risen Lord is possible in the public square. We see in the book of Acts that St. Paul brings the gospel to Athens. He sees all their desire for answers and he does not hide from sharing the promise of Jesus. How do we today go forward into the public square... Continue Reading →


On the Way

This weekend I am preaching on John 14:1-14. This text is well known to me as a text for funerals. Just this week I shared these words with people who gathered for the funeral of Bruno Hanses. I once preached a sermon using a hook I heard from someone else, "Eternal Home Makeover." I looked... Continue Reading →



All three readings for this Sunday look to how we thirst.


A Cycle of Disobedience

In the book of Judges we find the stories of the Israelites as they struggle to keep their eyes fixed on the Lord God. When they become apathetic, forgetful about God, they begin to follow the false gods of the people around them. God allows them to go into their disobedience so that they can... Continue Reading →


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