The Testimony of God is Greater

This past Sunday I preached my first sermon at Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Birmingham, Michigan. The text for the sermon was 1 John 5:9-15, and I as I begin my ministry here I find great comfort in these words of John, "If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater,... Continue Reading →


Remembering 9/11 – Lost and Found

The fifteen year anniversary of 9/11 causes me to remember how I was a young pastor that struggled to find words to place this attack into any sort of narrative that made sense to me. I was in the third month of being the new pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Niagara Falls, New York.... Continue Reading →

I am…

Jesus makes bold statements that give to me promise that He is the one I can trust. Jesus declares, "I am..." In the presence of God, all my "I am" statements should be defined by my sin of thought, word and deed. In my relationship with God I always fall short. I have no reason... Continue Reading →

On the Way

This weekend I am preaching on John 14:1-14. This text is well known to me as a text for funerals. Just this week I shared these words with people who gathered for the funeral of Bruno Hanses. I once preached a sermon using a hook I heard from someone else, "Eternal Home Makeover." I looked... Continue Reading →

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