Preaching as the Proclaimed Word–Day 3

Today in the morning we talked about MLK Jr. and the famous speech, “I Have a Dream.” We prepared for this discussion by reading Richard Lischer’s outstanding book, The Preacher King. The use of set pieces that are repeated by the preacher is present in the African-American preaching context and I think it could be... Continue Reading →


Preaching as the Proclaimed Word–Day 2

The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous speeches in US history. I enjoyed in the morning the opportunity to talk about the purposefulness with which Lincoln wrote that address. Later we talked about how the creative process is not like winning the lottery. Some imagine that if you just do... Continue Reading →

Preaching as the Proclaimed Word – Day 1

Today was the first session for the second year core course for the Doctor of Ministry program in Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary. Last year we looked at Preaching as the Word of God and this year we are studying Preaching as the Proclaimed Word. The professors are Karoline Lewis and Clay Schmit. Both outstanding... Continue Reading →


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