Not becoming a habitat for evil

This weekend I preached on the parable of the unclean spirit who departs and then returns to find the home empty. He finds the empty, clean and swept house to be a wonderful habitat for evil. Mt 12:43–46 ESV 43 “When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it passes through waterless places... Continue Reading →


Day 1 Preaching the Parables

This week I am taking a class with Thomas Long, a well known preacher and teacher. This class is called “Preaching the Parables” and so, surprise, we are talking about the parables of the New Testament. Here are some thoughts after the first day of class…. Based on the readings we had to do to... Continue Reading →

The mystery of where the weeds came from

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells several parables and three of them about seeds: the Sower and the scattering of the seed, the wheat and the weeds and the mustard seed. The first one was heard last week in churches and we gave thanks for the generous sowing of seed. This upcoming week we hear about... Continue Reading →


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