Who is a sermon written for?

Last Sunday I preached a sermon about why God does not take our troubles away from us. Looking at Numbers 21 and John 3 I want to understand what it means for Moses to lift up the bronze serpent and for the Son of Man to be lifted up. Why didn’t God just drive away... Continue Reading →


Come and See–The Invitation of the Gospel

We started a journey through the gospel of Mark, with the Baptism of our Lord. But this Sunday we make a slight diversion over to the Gospel of John. It is helpful to see our “next day” text from John in the context of what has happened in the other days with Jesus. Because you... Continue Reading →

On the Way

This weekend I am preaching on John 14:1-14. This text is well known to me as a text for funerals. Just this week I shared these words with people who gathered for the funeral of Bruno Hanses. I once preached a sermon using a hook I heard from someone else, "Eternal Home Makeover." I looked... Continue Reading →

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