The Continuous Festival of Easter

On April 1 in 2018 we will celebrate our Risen Savior! Easter is not only celebrated on this day, but it is a continuous festival. Yearly we gather on this day to hear the good news that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Weekly we receive the good news of the resurrection of Jesus... Continue Reading →


Sharing Easter

On April 16 we celebrate Easter, the Festival of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This festival is the chief celebration of our Christian lives. Everything we do as the people of God circles around the promises of God revealed in the death and resurrection of Jesus. God has called us to proclaim the... Continue Reading →

Easter Monday

Today is a day when the sugar high continues as kids continue to ingest candy from their baskets. The sugar high will continue for many parents that sneakily eat some of the candy as they walk by the candy shelf. The candy from the baskets is going to eventually run out and the sugar low... Continue Reading →

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