Crafted by Truth – A Reformation Reading Plan

What happens when people are engaged in daily reading of the Bible? The results can be massively helpful for our walk in this world. We see our story and God’s story intersecting. When we walk with the words of the Lord daily on our hearts, we are better equipped to bring God’s perspective to the... Continue Reading →


Read the Bible

I have a recommendation for you and I believe you will love this. I recommend you read your Bible. If you do not own a Bible, I have one you can have. If you have a smart phone, then I recommend some helpful Bible apps. The Bible by provides helpful reading plans and encourages... Continue Reading →

A Letter to the Church

The last book in the Bible is The Revelation of Jesus Christ. In the beginning of the book are seven letters addressed to seven churches. The letters are written to real communities of faith, but these letters also speak to the church today as we seek to serve God.The church in Ephesus received a letter... Continue Reading →


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