Episode 3 – Sermon on Indulgence and Grace

Mike Yagley and I are working on a podcast about the events, documents, and people that helped define the reformation. The podcast can be found at GraceOnTap-Podcast.com. We posted the third episode this morning. I encourage you to take some time and listen to this episode. Provide any feedback you desire. We are interested in getting... Continue Reading →


Episode 2 of Grace on Tap-Podcast

Would you do me the favor of going  to graceontap-podcast.com and discover the new episode that Mike Yagley and I posted about the 95 Theses. Mike and I are recording these podcasts as a part of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.

Going forward with trust

As Christians we go into the world connecting people to Jesus through a ministry that springs from God’s Word and His blessed Sacraments. When we connect people to Jesus, we find ourselves connected to one another and to opportunities to serve our neighbors. I trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in congregations preventing... Continue Reading →

Baptism is for Infants and Adults

aThis is written in response to Wes McAdams blog article in which he attempts to explain why it’s not biblical to Baptize an infant. http://www.radicallychristian.com/why-its-not-biblical-to-baptize-an-infant First, he says, “Infant baptism is usually NOT even ‘baptism’” Wes McAdams makes his first point because he believes that the Greek word for baptism means immersion. This Greek word... Continue Reading →

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