Thesis Turned In!

I turned in my Doctor of Ministry thesis to the printer. I am starting to have that feeling of completion. I have a few boxes to check before I am cleared for graduation in May, but this train is picking up speed. I have made my thesis available to download at The title of... Continue Reading →


Chapter turned in

Today I turned in the third chapter of my thesis to my adviser. Beginning with August 1 I have been turning in a chapter a month. I was a few days late with the chapter due September 1. Unfortunately I was more than a few days late with the chapter due October 1. The chapter... Continue Reading →

Day 3 Preaching the Parables

Understanding the context of the writing of Matthew has caused scholars to imagine that he is writing in Antioch Syria and is writing in the midst of the tension between Judaism and the developing Christian community. Four Puzzles about Mt that keep scholars up late at night! 1) Social circumstances that Matthew was written towards?... Continue Reading →


Day 2 Preaching the Parables

The structure of this class on days 2, 3 and 4 is for a lecture on the context of each gospel and how the shape and purpose of each gospel influences the interpretation of the parables. In the second part of the class there is a presentation of a parable by a student and then... Continue Reading →


Day 1 Preaching the Parables

This week I am taking a class with Thomas Long, a well known preacher and teacher. This class is called “Preaching the Parables” and so, surprise, we are talking about the parables of the New Testament. Here are some thoughts after the first day of class…. Based on the readings we had to do to... Continue Reading →


Day 4 Preaching a Contextual Word “Atonement”

Atonement is about the problem between us and God and how the problem is solved. The question of how we become at one with God has been answered in multiple ways in Scripture and through the church. The question of atonement is not easily answered by just one of these following models. When the answer... Continue Reading →


Preaching a Contextual Word Day 3–“Where do we find meaning in a world of screens?”

This lecture was led by Dr. Andrew Root. Much of the morning session of our class built on the work of Jean Baudrillard, a French philosopher who stands alongside Derrida. In our days meaning becomes framed by the screens in our lives. Consider how people at a concert will watch the concert through cell phones,... Continue Reading →


6/5 Preaching in Context Day 2 “Souls in Transition”

The driving task of identity and social construction of self, “Who am I?” Answering this question is fluid and open-ended. Commitment to identity has permanence for the moment but then moves away. Do you pick your identity, slide into an identity, receive an identity? Does this happen within a community or apart from a community... Continue Reading →


6/4 Preaching as a contextual Word Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of class for my final year of classwork at Luther Seminary. The end is in sight for this doctor of ministry program. However, there are these three weeks of class and the research and writing of the thesis project. The class was introduced are questions of identity and belonging constructed... Continue Reading →


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