Advent is Coming

St. Andrew's Day determines the beginning of Advent. The Sunday nearest is always the First Sunday in Advent. If November 30 falls on a Monday through Wednesday, then Advent begins the Sunday preceding. If November 30 falls on a Thursday through Saturday, then Advent begins the Sunday following. In 2018, St. Andrew's Day is on... Continue Reading →


DNA in a Congregation

At the congregation I serve as the senior pastor, we are introducing our DNA statement. Our identity shaped by Jesus is radically better when we trust the Word of God to be the source and norm of our congregation. When we are shaped by Jesus, by His Word, and by His love, then we discover... Continue Reading →

Rejoice and Be Glad

Today the school year begins at Our Shepherd Lutheran School in Birmingham, Michigan. The theme for this school year is "Blessed are you, rejoice and be glad. Matthew 5:3-12." At 8am the children lined up outside prepared to enter the school doors for the adventure of this school year. Mrs. McLoughlin said to excited rows... Continue Reading →

Flipping Through the Hymnal

The hymns and songs of the church help me understand the timeline of the year. When I flip through the pages of the Lutheran Service Book, I notice the different sections of hymns. The hymnal is not organized in a progression of hymns from favorites towards clunkers. Organizing a hymnal from favorites towards disappointments would... Continue Reading →

Sharing Easter

On April 16 we celebrate Easter, the Festival of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This festival is the chief celebration of our Christian lives. Everything we do as the people of God circles around the promises of God revealed in the death and resurrection of Jesus. God has called us to proclaim the... Continue Reading →

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