DNA in a Congregation

At the congregation I serve as the senior pastor, we are introducing our DNA statement. Our identity shaped by Jesus is radically better when we trust the Word of God to be the source and norm of our congregation. When we are shaped by Jesus, by His Word, and by His love, then we discover the joy of becoming a kingdom-building community.
Our Shepherd gathers, nurtures, and serves because Jesus loves.
This statement represents the purpose of our congregation and the process by which we trust Jesus is at work in our community. God gathers us to Himself and His people in worship. God nurtures us together in His Word as we do life together. We serve Christ with our words and actions in the world.

Gather • Nurture • Serve

These three simple words represent the DNA of this congregation. As God works among us and in our community we will find ourselves living our faith in the world. No more waiting or observing. God is at work. I enjoy trusting God to be at work and discovering how He calls us all to be partners with Him. Last weekend I preached a sermon that introduced this statement with confidence that the Word of God drives our congregation forward. Over the next four weeks we will focus on these three simple words and the next steps we are taking as a congregation to join with Jesus in His mission. I invite you to listen to the sermon for September 9. I hope you hear my confidence that God is at work among us and you want to join with Jesus in His mission in our lives. Listen to the sermon here. You can also see more about how I describe this DNA statement at facebook live video I did with Christian Business Connect.

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