Rejoice and Be Glad

Today the school year begins at Our Shepherd Lutheran School in Birmingham, Michigan. The theme for this school year is “Blessed are you, rejoice and be glad. Matthew 5:3-12.”

At 8am the children lined up outside prepared to enter the school doors for the adventure of this school year. Mrs. McLoughlin said to excited rows of children, “Blessed are you,” and the children responded joyfully, “Rejoice and be glad.” In unison, we said, “Matthew 5:3-12.” I was then supposed to explode a popper of confetti. I broke the popper, so I had to loosely toss the confetti into the air. Hopefully the kids got the idea of celebration, because I know my smile was beaming with joy.

The theme for this year is rooted in the promise of blessing that Jesus provides. After the parade of children was over, I shared a donut and coffee with some parents. I witnessed both tears and smiles. I trust the blessing throughout this year of tears and smiles will be the promise of our savior Jesus.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

We will find our entrance into this great school year with the promise that in the poverty of our spirts the savior brings the kingdom. Even if the school year starts with the pastor breaking the confetti popper it can be a great year because Jesus will accompany us through each of these days.





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