Waiting for the Lord

Isaiah 40:31 gives us the promise that those who wait for the Lord will find their strength renewed.

Waiting can be an act of frustration and anxiousness.

What does it mean to wait for the Lord? Am I waiting in a doctor’s office looking around at the old magazines or getting worried about sitting on the sick side ? Am I waiting for the dentist and hearing the drill in the room doing its work on another patient?

When I wait for the Lord, I am not just watching paint dry. I trust the Lord to be my eternal help. Grass may wither and flowers may fade but the Lord I trust in will endure forever. So the Lord who is majestic in glory and merciful in compassion comes at the perfect time for me.

Waiting can be an of faith and peace.


Wait for the Lord, keep watch, take heart that He is not slow nor does he linger away from you. Lord will be your refuge and strength.


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