Going forward with trust

ConnectAs Christians we go into the world connecting people to Jesus through a ministry that springs from God’s Word and His blessed Sacraments. When we connect people to Jesus, we find ourselves connected to one another and to opportunities to serve our neighbors. I trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in congregations preventing us from coasting in neutral. We go forward with the confidence that our Lord God is equipping us to share His good news so that the disconnected become connected to Jesus Christ.

God blesses every person from the infant to the homebound with His good gifts so that we all are a part of how He is building His kingdom in our community. The diversity of gifts in a congregation is a part of the mystery of God’s love. I do not want a single person to consider his or her gifts as less valuable to God or our community. The offerings we bring to God are powerful and effective in building His kingdom by the grace of God.

Take a moment to consider how God has uniquely gifted you to be a part of His kingdom. Stand firm on the Word of God and trust that God will share His life-giving promises through you when you share the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Thank God for the blessings He has given to you.
  • Seek His wisdom to guide your giving so that you may be give to support your local congregation with planned, purposeful, and proportionate first-fruit gifts.

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