Announcements and Worship Services are not friends

This weekend I was harsh. During the announcements before the worship service, I said that there would be significantly fewer announcements before future worship services. My goal is that announcements will be less than three minutes, which I hope will not be a difficult goal.
The time before the worship service, I hope, will be an event for preparation of the heart and mind to receive the gifts of God. I think I need to direct people to some prayers that they can use after they have arrived in the pew.
I do want people to know about the wonderful ways that St. Paul is a community of believers that is connecting people to Jesus. But I am concerned that announcements before the worship service provide very little publicity help to programs and events. Too much clutter can make it hard for people to identify what is important.
To help communicate some of the programs and activities that people should know about we are playing a five-minute loop of slides during the time when people arrive into the sanctuary. I think these slides are effective.
I know that some churches do announcements during the offering, after the last hymn, or some other time besides the beginning of the service. I personally don’t like the announcements placed after the last hymn because I think people are ready to get going.
Conclusion and struggle for me is that announcements and the worship service are not friends, these events live in tension.

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