Could My Life Be a Reality Show?

The new fall season of shows is starting on television. There are some favorite shows returning with new episodes and there are several new television shows that are attempting to break into our social lives. Some of these new shows are fictional families that fit a story into a thirty minute sitcom episode, but I know that my own life doesn’t have a laugh track. Other new shows are hour-long dramas that have an introduction of a conflict that neatly will be resolved by the lead characters before the end of an hour. Unfortunately, I have not found many of my days filled with so highly charged drama nor is my life easily resolved. I have also watched some soap operas and found that my life is not something that people would want to watch every day.

Of course, there are attempts on television to develop shows that do not fit into the sitcom, hour-long drama format, or serial soap opera. Reality shows seek to give the viewer a window into someone else’s life. Often times this window gives me a look into a life that is in pieces and I can smugly watch and rejoice that my life is not as bad as that. Or I can look into the window of the reality show and observe a life that appears so much better than my own that I feel incredibly inadequate.

With so many options on television, should I be surprised that my life does not fit into any of these models? Our lives consistently do not have easy answers, funny laugh tracks, or every day crisis. There are moments of joy. There are moments of despair. There are moments of boredom. I wonder if our daily lives would be compelling television if we were followed by a cameraman, sound technician, and a producer. I think the viewership ratings on most of our daily lives would be so poor that we would be cancelled. I think my life would not be a very compelling or interesting reality TV show and I think this is true for most of us.

If my life will not be compelling television, if my life is ordinary, does God still watch over me? I trust that God cares about you and me. God knows you and me daily. He knows our sins and struggles. He knows our celebrations. He knows all and yet still he watches over you and me. Your Almighty God loves you so tenderly that He sent His only begotten son, Jesus, to be our savior from sin, death, and the devil. God did not send Jesus to be just a good plot point for your sitcom, drama, or fake reality show. God is not just a prop in a television to get the story moving. Jesus is our savior. No matter how bad my rating might be on television, I trust that in the eyes of God I am loved and remembered.

Your life may not be weird enough for reality television, but I trust that Jesus is your savior. I think it is worth living every day because Jesus has lived, died, and risen again for me to live this day and all days with Him.


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