This Sunday at St. Paul in Hamburg our Sunday school children will help tell the Christmas story.

The annual Christmas program by the children is a highlight for my Christmas preparations. I love the hard work that my wife, along with so many wonderful people at our congregation, puts into teaching the kids the story  of Jesus’ birth.

This year our program is from CPH and it is written by Terry Dittmer. It is called, “Christmas Jubilee.” This program gives us the chance to teach the Sunday school children Christmas hymns. We also have the chance to learn from the children our redemption, freedom and restoration – Jubilee – has arrived in Christ’s coming.

I like the old school idea of children taking turns reading from the Scriptures and walking us through the promises for Jubilee in the Old Testament and the fulfillments of the New Testament. I don’t need a secondary plot with artificial dialogue. I need to hear the joy and freedom that our savior has been born for us our hopes have found fulfillment in Jesus.

This afternoon at the bank I was asked if I am real busy this time of year. Yes, I am certainly busy but I also have the joy of knowing that, shazam, we have good news to share with our community. When I preach this Christmas I have confidence that I don’t have to come up with a gimmick. I need to tell the truth. Our savior has come and he will come again. This is good news.

Our children are not coming up with any gimmicks this Sunday. They will share the good news that we have freedom from our sins, because our savior has been born.


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