Hope restored in the Advent of our King

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, His disciples laid down cloaks along the path. This act was a reminder of an event that took place in 2 King 9. King Joram of Israel had retreated to Jezreel, after being defeat by Hazael of Syria. Meanwhile, Jehu and the other commanders of the army remained at Ramoth-Gilead. These commanders were gathered in defeat. They expected that this sense of defeat was the new normal. At that moment when hope has become exhausted and defeat was expected, Jehu was anointed to be the new king. Jehu left the inner chamber of the house and told the people gathered what happened. The people immediately laid down their cloaks on the bare steps and rejoiced. Jehu then gathered the hopes of the people and traveled to Jezreel and defeated the failed kings of Israel and Judah. He then went to ensure that Jezebel was killed. It was a bloody transition of power.

We are in a time of the advent of our king and so we tell people that Jesus, the king of kings, has come to deliver us from defeat and despair. It is a bloody transition of power, but thanks be to God that He is the one that experiences the bloody judgment that should be upon us all. He is our king that restores us to be people in the kingdom of God and no longer in the kingdom of defeat.


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