Vicarage Supervisors Conference 2012

This week I attended the vicarage supervisors conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am the supervisor for a vicar for the first time this year and I found this conference to be helpful.

A vicar is a seminary student that spends a year at a congregation under the supervision of a pastor. This year of internship provides a wonderful opportunity for experience in a congregation. Our congregation is being enriched by the presence of Vicar Will Hooper and I hope that he is finding many blessings in this year.

The keynote speaker at this supervisors conference was Rev. Dr. Richard L. Thompson from Ambassadors of Reconciliation. He led us through a Bible study titled, “Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society.”

The different sessions were titled:

  • So What’s the Big Deal?
  • Living in a Sensual Society
  • Hope for Healing the Idolatrous Heart

We worked to identify the threats faced in the pastoral ministry and by the people in our congregation. We spoke honestly about the sinfulness of succumbing to sexual temptation. But we also spoke graciously about the hope for healing that is found in Christ Jesus.

At the conference I also enjoyed a wonderful banquet with the other supervisors which provided an opportunity to learn about the different experiences pastors are having with their vicars.

Some interesting time was spent in considering case studies that helped us talk how to resolve conflict between the supervisor and the vicar.

I feel better equipped to be a supervisor after this conference.


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