Boundaries smudged

Mark 7:31-37
Proper 18B
September 9, 2012

Jesus travels through the region of the Decapolis, a set of ten cities that were culturally Greek and largely set apart from the Semitic cities of Galilee. These cities were on the frontier of the Roman world. There were all sorts of reasons for the people in this region to consider that Jesus would not be at work in their lives.

As Jesus traveled through this region, the people brought forward to him a man who was blind and had a speech impediment.

Earlier in this chapter Jesus smudged the boundaries around food and then he smudged the boundaries around a foreign woman who was hungry. The chapter finishes with Jesus helping this blind man with the word, “Ephphatha” that is, “Be opened.”

I look around and I know that there are people who imagine the church has border around them and tries to avoid them. But I hope that I can be the pastor of a congregation that smudges those boundaries and that Jesus’ love is proclaimed for all and not just for some.

I want the boundaries that we put around people that says that they are beyond God’s help to be smudged to the point that these boundaries become forgotten. I want to be able to see people and rejoice that God has opened the doors to grace and that there are no borders that divide where care can console.

Jesus thank you for opening my heart to see how you are at work in this world opening hearts and doors.


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