Trying to move forward in fear is fruitless

Jesus fed the five thousand. He then sent the disciples to across the sea to Bethsaida. Later Jesus was a on a mountain to pray and saw that the disciples were making terrible headway because of a fierce wind. Late in the night Jesus was walking on the water, and he meant to pass by them. They saw Jesus and were frightened believing that they were seeing a ghost.

I think that the disciples could not make any progress in their boat because they were trying to go forward with hearts scarred by fear. When Jesus said, “Do not fear, it is I,” the fear of the disciples was transformed to peace. Jesus got in the boat and they were then able to continue crossing to the other side.

Trying to go forward in fear is fruitless. Going forward with a life transformed by the love of Jesus is the only way to move in the kingdom of God.


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