Living with Purpose?

Mark 5:21-43

Mark 5 shares the story of Jesus traveling to Jairus’ home to heal his daughter and how the trip to this synagogue ruler’s home is interrupted by a woman who touches Jesus.

Jesus has a purpose. Does he get distracted from his purpose? Nope! He shows how living with purpose is being ready at all times.

Jesus healed a gentile man possessed by a demon and then crossed on a boat to the other side.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.

Why did Jesus cross the lake? To get to the other side and do more works of mercy and care for a world in need.

Why do you cross the road? Do you cross the road to get away from that person in need or do you cross the road help a brother or sister in need of care?

Jesus was met by a one of the rulers of the synagogue named Jairus. (A reminder that the religious leaders were not a monolithic force against Jesus.)

Jairus went to meet Jesus to plead for the health of his little daughter. Jairus had a twelve year old daughter and watched her get sicker and sicker until she was nearly dead. He was a ruler of the synagogue and yet he had to go plead with Jesus for help. Jesus went with Jairus and a great crowd followed them.

In that crowd was a woman who had suffered with a discharge of blood for twelve years. Speculations could be made about the modern medical diagnosis for what ailed this woman, but it is possible to understand simply that she suffered.

The woman had spent all that she had chasing down hopes and dreams with different physicians. The system has broken her down and made her feel so vulnerable that she does not imagine that she can approach Jesus for anything more than a touch of his garment. She came up from behind him and touched his garment. She said to herself, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.”

She had faith in the healing power of Jesus and immediately the flow of blood dried up. She felt in her body that she was healed. This woman imagined herself insignificant in the presence of Jesus and yet Jesus was not crossing the road to get to the other side. Jesus is a man of purpose, but you are never so insignificant that you are absent from that purpose.

Jesus asked, “Who touched my garments?”

Everyone considered this a ridiculous question because Jesus was surrounded by a crowd and so everyone was touching him. But there is something different when someone touches Jesus with faith.

The woman came and fell down with fear before Jesus and shared her story. Jesus praised this woman for her faith and invited her to live with peace.

Meanwhile, news arrived that Jairus’ daughter died. The people tell Jairus that he has no reason to trouble Jesus any further. The delay caused by this woman has prevented Jesus from arriving in time to help Jairus’ daughter.

Jesus overheard the people that have reported to Jairus that his daughter has died. He told Jairus, “Do not fear, only believe.”

Jesus, Peter, James and John then traveled to the house of the ruler of the synagogue. Jesus told the girl, “Talitha cumi,” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.”

The girl get up and began walking. Everyone rejoiced and Jesus reminded the people that the girl probably was hungry.

Jesus lived, died and rose again to bring the kingdom of God into a world of sin. Jesus did not enter the world in order to get to the other side. Jesus entered our world of sin, death and disease because we so desperately need him.


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