6/5 Preaching in Context Day 2 “Souls in Transition”

The driving task of identity and social construction of self, “Who am I?”

Answering this question is fluid and open-ended. Commitment to identity has permanence for the moment but then moves away.

Do you pick your identity, slide into an identity, receive an identity? Does this happen within a community or apart from a community or as a person transitions between communities.

Asking the question of identity is not a pre-romantic/pre-enlightenment issue. It is not until after the 17th century that journals represent a personal journey through to identity.

Community begins to become punctured when there is talk of identity because this means self-actualization apart from community.

There is an engine at play that is moving beyond tradition of the past towards an unbounded future. Modernity moves us away from being past-oriented towards a future that will be discovered.

Also instrumental in shaping our identity is the reality that the family is no longer a boundary in which existence occurs. Now we experience a pluralization of life worlds that have non-transferable experiences so that ideologies in different spheres of influence (work, recreation, relatives, religion, education, needs, education, body) are not necessarily shared.

Work and Love had shared roles in shaping identity construction. Now identity becomes constructed by what we consume and our experiences of intimacy.

In the afternoon we had a seminar discussion around the book, Souls in Transition. This book seeks to understanding the new category of development, emerging adults.

There is a narrative or dialogical struggle for how we get to the point of being self-understanding with our own morals and motivators. There is a gap between being an adolescent towards being an adult. In this gap there is a crisis of identity in which the church is increasingly absent.


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