I am…

Jesus makes bold statements that give to me promise that He is the one I can trust. Jesus declares, “I am…”

In the presence of God, all my “I am” statements should be defined by my sin of thought, word and deed. In my relationship with God I always fall short. I have no reason or strength within me that makes me anything of substance in front of God. I am…nothing. As much as I can look at my own life and look deeply into my soul and find that dark cloud of sin that shades so much of what I do and think, I am more nothing. I am in Jesus. In Jesus I am so much more than my own sinfulness.

Jesus makes His “I am” statements and they not only describe His actions but more importantly for me they describe His actions towards me. Light of the Word, Bread of Life, Living Water, Gate, Good Shepherd, Vine and so much more….

I love that my relationship with Jesus is not shaped by my sin. Of course, I could become self-centered and imagine I control my relationship with God and this world. But the solar system does not revolve around the Earth and my world does not revolve around me. The solar system moves around the Sun and I move around because of the Son.

I am…because Jesus is the I am for me.

Who are you? In Jesus you are so much more.


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