Where can I find God?

The disciples, on the night of the resurrection of our Lord, were locked in the room. They not only barricaded the door but they were also locked in fear. But into this moment of fear Jesus came and stood among them. Jesus greeted his disciples with words of peace.

We may take it for granted that Jesus would speak tender words of peace to his disciples, but that tenderness is only understandable from a place of grace. The unconditional love of Jesus is witnessed in this barricaded room.

If we think back to the disciples behavior over the last few days, they denied Jesus and all scattered as he was arrested in the garden, we could expect Jesus to speak harshly to them with words of rebuke. Jesus calmed their fears.

Jesus showed them his hands and his side and demonstrated that he is the risen Lord. They could have thought they were seeing a ghost, but Jesus clearly identified himself.

Jesus entered into that barricaded room just as he entered into the inviolate womb of his mother. The fear of that room could not hold Jesus away from bringing his words of peace, just as the stone in front of the tomb could not stop Jesus from bringing his life to the world.

Jesus is the one that comes to our world that is filled with the disobedience of sin. Jesus is the one that has gone into our despair filled tombs. Jesus is the one that comes into our fear filled hearts.

When I want to know where God is today, I can look back and see that God has continually revealed himself in grace present for you and me. Present in the flesh, present in my death, present in my fear.

So I know where the grace filled presence of Jesus has been in the past. I know he was there in the flesh through the womb of Mary. I know he was on that cross and in that tomb. I know that he rose from the dead and appeared to the disciples as they locked themselves in fear. So I know where he was in the past, but where can I find God now?

Where do you look for God?

Jesus was not far away from the disciples in that fear filled room but revealed himself.

Peace be with you, “It is as if Jesus said, ‘I am the one that brings peace between you and God. I am the one that suffered your sin on the cross. I am the one that rose from the dead. I am the one that has defeated the grip of the devil upon you. I am the one that brings the peace that surpasses all understanding and I am bringing this peace to you now, even while you are in fear.

The devil makes great efforts to battle with us as he sows seeds of despair. We find whispered into our ears all sorts of causes to doubt and we fight against this evil foe by holding onto the peace giving grace filled presence of our savior Jesus Christ. The foundation that we build on will not be knocked down by the wickedness of the evil one. We will not become divided by the suspicions sowed in secret by Satan. We will be united with Christ as our peace.


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