Easter Monday

Today is a day when the sugar high continues as kids continue to ingest candy from their baskets. The sugar high will continue for many parents that sneakily eat some of the candy as they walk by the candy shelf.

The candy from the baskets is going to eventually run out and the sugar low will arrive in many households. The good news of the resurrection will never run out and a spiritual low does not need to arrive in any home.

I love the idea that the victory that Jesus has brought against sin, suffering, shame and death is not just commemorated on one day a year but defines every day of the year. I hope that kids are not going to enjoy Easter candy every day of the year. The Easter candy is going to run out when that sad last Cadbury egg will be bought from the clearance rack at the grocery store. I hope that the Easter hope of life eternal is never just pushed to some sad clearance rack. Every day rejoice that you are a redeemed child of God who lives because you are loved by God.


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