Jesus and the leper

Mark 1:40-45

A leper meets Jesus, he expects Jesus to heal him if Jesus wills it. This confident faith is measured with the mystery of God’s will at work in Jesus.

How can we understand the will of Jesus?

I may find how Jesus works in my life mysterious, but I will always know that He works for mercy. How can I have confident that Jesus seeks to work in the mercy of our lives? Jesus touched this leper and healed him. Wherever Jesus went to preach the good news He brought this good news into action.

Jesus’ command to the leper to keep this good work a secret is ignored by the leper who freely goes about preaching about what Jesus did.

Because of the fame that begins to surround Jesus, He is no longer able to go into the cities. Jesus is left with preaching out in the desolate places, but people from all directions still come out to Him.

There is an interesting reversal of place. The leper is cleansed and able to enter into the communities to preach. Jesus is forced out into the desolate places to preach.

I wonder what this means for our abilities to share the good news of Jesus? Maybe it is hard for us to imagine Jesus present in some places that we go, but nevertheless He does show up in these places. Jesus is never truly forced out into the desolate places because we share the good news of Him in our lives. We might imagine that Jesus is an outsider in our conversations but as we become witnesses to His good work we bring Him inside to our places and people.


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