This weekend the sermon I preach will swirl around the word redemption. We are continuing a sermon series based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s writings collected into the book God is in the Manger. This book a daily devotional book for the four weeks of the church season called Advent. The first week we looked at waiting. Last week we found wonder in God’s amazing, unfathomable love that remains a mystery, a mystery revealed in Jesus.

As the European Union goes through a financial struggle, I heard the lead in for a news article on the radio say, “EU countries struggle with maintaining sovereignty while dealing with debt.”

I think that we all struggle with tension of maintaining the confidence that we are self-sufficient through our own resources while confessing that we are sinners who have trespassed against God’s law and that we are indebted to God for his mercy.

The interest rate for borrowing is becoming unbearable for Italy and they may soon collapse financially if they do not pass austerity measures.

The borrowing rate for sinners to avoid God’s judgment against sin is indeed unbearable. The weight of guilt is beyond our ability and no austerity measures can sufficiently reconcile with God our debt. We must trust in the mercy of Jesus revealed in his gift of suffering on the cross. He has paid the redemption price and in our unity with the sovereign Lord we have peace again.


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