Colloquy Year II – Day 5

The final morning of the second year of residency was spent with first getting a rental car to drive up north with the family. After the car was secured I then met with my adviser for one more time before leaving the campus. Professor Michael Rogness reminded to me to call upon those who have worked in the past on a similar topic. He meant actually call them up. Academic people love to know someone else is interested in the work that they have accomplished.

So I will be making some phone calls and I expect that those conversations will lead me to more resources.

The working title for my thesis right now is, “Catechetical preaching as a purposeful part of faith formation in a congregation.”

I will need to define Catechetical preaching and identify how effective preaching of this sort would make an impact in the faith formation in the congregation.

Kyle Small has recommended I use a success case method for effectively evaluating the change this kind of preaching can bring to a congregation. So I will need to focus my idea, develop an impact model, identify 4-6 successful preachers and possibly 1-2 struggling preachers, conduct qualitative interviews, gather my findings and make recommendations.

I think developing the impact model and identifying the preachers for the case study will be the most difficult part of the success case method.


3 thoughts on “Colloquy Year II – Day 5

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  1. Will you be looking at “faith formation” of your congergation as a whole, or individuals as a part of it?

    1. I am aiming for faith formation as a congregational activity. Multigenerational worship context will help support the idea that faith formation is a lifelong process and not a test to passed.

  2. The Success Case Method is an excellent model to identify change.
    In my field, it is simple to quantify (i.e. lipid profiles).
    I will be interested to see your measurement tool, Pastor.

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