Colloquy Year 2 – Day 3

Wednesday morning we heard a presentation by Peter Susgard from the Writing Center at Luther Seminary. It was wonderful to hear about the resources that Luther is providing to assist us in being successful. This program is intensive with the pace that we move towards thesis development. So I do not feel isolated in my work I am constantly finding different people in the program supportively holding my hand.

Throughout the day we heard sermons preached by members of the cohort. I preached a sermon from February about rebuilding the walls that have been knocked down. I appreciated the feedback from the group and found that the way I move from life story to the story of the Bible is often abrupt. I am going to work on how these transitions.

In the afternoon we talked about each chapter in a thesis and what forms a successful thesis proposal. We examined theses proposals from previous years to understand positives and deficiencies.

In the evening I enjoyed playing with Henry and Lucas. We went rowing on Como Lake with the boat that Grandpa Jim built for them. In the evening I also found myself struggling to balance the arrival of my family for the remainder of the week with the work I still need to do to prepare for the next day’s class.


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  1. In our prayers for you this morning, Pastor, Judy and I included the struggle you would (no doubt) have with Christi and your boys arriving and still the need for sticking with your school work… A heart (for your family) and a head (for your academics.) That is a tough one; glad that our God has it all figured out 🙂

    Beautiful boat! Handmade???

  2. Yep, handmade by my stepfather for the two boys to enjoy. Not sure how we will get it back to Michigan. My brother has talked about helping get it back to Michigan.

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