Colloquy Year II – Day 1

Today was the first day of the last week for the year 2 residency for the Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching program.

In the morning we talked about our experiences with our parish response group, writing the integrative paper for year 1 and thoughts we have swirling about our thesis topics.

Michael RognessIn the afternoon we were scheduled for a one on one time with our thesis advisor. Professor Michael Rogness is a wonderful man to talk with about my topic. He has a desire for the integrity of doctrine and for effective preaching.

It was a good conversation and gave me assistance in thinking ahead about my thesis proposal.

In the evening I attended a boundary workshop that is required for graduation from Luther Seminary. I was pleasantly surprised that the conversation did not start with a bunch of “don’t do this.” The four hour workshop this evening spent most the of the time encouraging us to take care of ourselves and not expect our congregation to provide our esteem.

Tomorrow, Christi, Henry and Lucas fly here. I am excited.


3 thoughts on “Colloquy Year II – Day 1

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  1. I am especially interested in your boundary workshop and wonder if it is similar to the one I teach? Mine is based on “premise” rather than “principles” with the outcome intention being:
    ~re-visit experience
    (If I could draw these in a circular pattern it would make more sense; but don’t know how on the computer…)
    Esteem is then discovered in the re-visit piece
    Does this sound similar to your workshop?

  2. Here is how Luther described the Boundary Workshop:
    Boundary workshops held at Luther Seminary are led by faculty and staff. The workshops are typically 4 hours long for an equivalent of 4 contact hours. Topics covered at the workshop include:
    · Complexity of Being a Christian Public Leader
    · Complexity and Power Dynamics in Ministry Leadership
    · Complexity of Self-Care
    · Focusing Forward — Goals Setting for Future Learning

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