Preaching as the Proclaimed Word – Day 1

Today was the first session for the second year core course for the Doctor of Ministry program in Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary. Last year we looked at Preaching as the Word of God and this year we are studying Preaching as the Proclaimed Word.

The professors are Karoline Lewis and Clay Schmit. Both outstanding lecturers who keep the day moving. Thank you for that because these days in a classroom from 8:30a-5pm can quickly get long.

Today we introduced ourselves to the professors. Our cohort is missing two people. I hope that this absence will be simply a deferral and they will return to the program by the time we meet again next year.

After introductions, we heard a refresher on the foundations of effective preaching. So we talked about how effective preaching will engage five areas: text, community, theology, mind of the listener and the heart of the listener.

After this foundational lecture we talked about how the Scriptures have an oral quality that resides in how they are written. Our preaching should reflect this character of oral communication. We examined Jesus arrest in the garden in the Gospel of John and also the conversations that Jesus had with Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman. It was fund to engage in the Scriptures to put to the text what was being proposed earlier.

We finished the class by watching a small portion of Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaching about Leah and her relationship with Jacob. We watched the video not so much for the way he worked the text but more how he was effective in his technique of preaching.



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