Missional Architecture

I really like this explanation of how architecture can support mission…

I first experienced “missional” architecture when I visited the Valparaiso campus many years ago. The chapel on campus is glorious and it has a unique design. When you walk down the center aisle toward the front altar, all you can see is the cross at the front of the sanctuary. The cross holds your focus; you can’t see outside. The windows are built at such an angle that you can only see outside the sanctuary, i.e., the world, after receiving communion and walking back to your seat. “Go in peace,” you can hear. “Serve the world.” The world comes into focus only after the community is sent forth from the altar. So we are gathered at the table and sent forth from God’s presence there into mission. First we focus on the cross, then on mission. Architecture shapes mission. In the Valparaiso chapel, it really preaches!

– Rick Bliese, President of Luther Seminary



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