On the Way

This weekend I am preaching on John 14:1-14. This text is well known to me as a text for funerals. Just this week I shared these words with people who gathered for the funeral of Bruno Hanses.

I once preached a sermon using a hook I heard from someone else, “Eternal Home Makeover.” I looked how Jesus promises to prepare a place for us. I imagine that Jesus knows how to design and prepare the perfect place for us to dwell with Him for eternity.

This weekend I am preaching a sermon about Life Together on the way with the Risen Lord. I appreciate Thomas’ question to Jesus, “Lord, how can we follow you of we don’t know the way?”

I don’t know where my life is going and I don’t know the path that my kids lives will take. Thomas, I understand your struggle. How can I follow you Jesus when I don’t even know where you are going? What if your path is too hard? What if you go somewhere I haven’t been before? Am I ready for this adventure?

I think Professor Arand in the Concordia Journal put this text in a good place for me. We want to know God and in this world we can witness much about the awesome and creative power of the Almighty Father. But Jesus has come so we can know so much more about God. The way to the Father will not be following in humbleness along the path of His amazing power. I follow Jesus. I don’t always know where He is going on the way, but I trust in His mercy that He is taking me to the Father. By the mercy of Jesus I go on the way, even the rocky paths make more sense when I trust in Jesus.

I will not be afraid, I follow mercy. I follow Jesus.


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