King David, a tragedy matched by the depth of God’s Love

In the spring when kings went out to war, David tragically sinned. He stayed home from the battle and saw Bathsheba and coveted his neighbor’s wife. He committed adultery with Bathsheba. She became pregnant. David fearful that his sin will be unveiled called Uriah, the husband of Bathsheba, home from the battlefield. Uriah was a man of honor and deprived himself of comforts to keep unity with the men in battle.

David sent Uriah back to the battlefield and had him carry back a note to Joab, the general. The note signaled Joab to arrange for Uriah’s murder. Uriah was killed in battle. To any observer David got away with his treachery and people would assume that David was being generous when he took Bathsheba into his home. As a widow there was little social safety net for Bathsheba and so David would appear kind when he took her in as one of his wives.

David may have thought that the treachery of his sin would remain hidden. But Nathan the prophet showed that nothing is hidden from God. Nathan cunningly convicted David of his sin. David repented. God forgave. But the tragedy that David set into motion with his adultery and murder was not completely stopped by God. God allowed David to continue to experience the tragic effects of his sin.

I think that the tragic story continues after David repents and is forgiven is a challenge for me to understand.


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