All Saints’ Day (Observed)

Sermon preparation for All Saints’ Day started with using Logos software to read the Greek. I would be in my UBS 4th revised but SBL has provided a free Greek NT for use in LOGOS. Tried it out and appreciated being able to keep notes inside the program.

After reading slowly through the beatitudes I prayed for God to guide my words so that they would be pleasing to him and nurturing to the people he has called me pastor to.

The beatitudes bring up the contrast between being remembered and honored in this world vs. being honored and remembered in the kingdom of God.

On what basis is God going to remember you and honor you with the word “blessed”?

I will be blessed by God through Jesus. I am a friend of God because of Jesus.

Identity in Christ changes how I experience my poor spirit, mourning, meekness, hungering and thirsting for righteousness, mercy, pureness of heart, peacemaking, persecutedness, reviled and perscuted.

In Christ I rejoice and I am glad.


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