Preaching about bad shepherds

This weekend I am preaching from the text of Ezekiel 34-11-24. The Lord is angry that the shepherds have not been taking care of the sheep. He promises, “I, I myself will search for my sheep and will seek them out.”

I confess that at times have not been the shepherd that God has called me to be and failed to lead the people to life-giving pastures and springs that flow from God’s Word. I seek the mercy of God to continue to work through me as I seek to be a servant of the Lord.

I want to make sure that my preaching about bad shepherds is triumphalist. As if all other shepherds are bad but I am the good one that they can trust. I am not The Good Shepherd that God has called to lead the people. I am the under-shepherd that works for the Good Shepherd. I only lead where He leads.


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