Hunch shared: Preaching doctrinal sermons that connect

I shared my hunch for a thesis with the class today.

My hunch: How to preach doctrinal sermons that do not talk about God but allow the listener to experience God.

I am interested in how preaching Catechism sermons can be successfully influenced by the “new homiletic.”

Also how does this relate to the the core convictions of the LCMS to conserve and promote the unity of the true faith and promote bold witness of the Gospel. These two points have also been put in contrast as “guard” and “grow.”

My theological inspirations: Martin Luther, Robert Kolb, Charles Arand, Timothy Wengert

My pastoral influences: Dean Nadasdy, Will Weedon, Thomas Long, William Willimon

So feel free to share with me your perspective in how to preach theologically that does not just talk about God but brings the proclamation of the Gospel as an experience with the Word of God. Cognitive vs wholistic experiences.


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